About Gearfire Payments

Gearfire Payments (“GFP”) was formed in 2018 after the merger of our four brands. Prior to this, Gearfire and the Retail Technology Group had a referral partnership with TSYS, one of the largest processors in the nation. They offered the robust processing platform and technical knowledge needed, but lacked the top tier customer service, and were unable to offer a rate lock guarantee to our clients.

GFP follows the same guiding principles as our other organizations: to provide the best solutions and exemplary customer service at an affordable cost. Unlike our competition, GFP never locks people into long term contacts with ridiculous early termination penalties. We also offer a rate lock guarantee, so the rates you agree to today will not be increased over time. Each customer has a single point of contact for account management, and 24/7 technical support.

GFP is the largest credit card processing company specifically dedicated to the shooting sports industry. Over 2,000 (95%) of our clients are firearm retailers, ranges, and eCommerce businesses. Unlike all other credit card processing companies, firearms processing isn’t just a division. It’s all we do.

One Company – Four Leading Brands